What if you understood that your ‘depression’ was really just a TECAD – a Temporary Emotional and Cognitive Attachment Disorder. And that not only could you treat it, but you could cure it, forever. And that it was easy.

‘Depression’ is a construct not an actual actionable diagnosis. What ‘depression’ consists of are a set of other conditions and each of these conditions can be fixed or cured and in some cases prevented. People can develop immunity to some of the key parts of ‘depression.’

This isn’t to say that you aren’t feeling what you are feeling, you are, but it is being mis-labled and misdiagnosed, and mis-treated.

When you see that ‘depression’ is really just a Temporary Emotional and Cognitive Attachment Disorder, you can get help, real help. Help that can actually cure the root causes of why you are feeling sad, lonely, lethargic, etc. And it’s easy.